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Computerized Dead Space Volume Measurement of Facemasks Applied to Digitally Simulated Faces — Amirav I et al3

  • To develop an accurate and reliable way of measuring dead space volume electronically (e-DSV) and to apply this technique by comparing e-DSVs of commonly available face masks
  • Two (small and medium) average faces were obtained by 3D images of 270 infants and children, using facial recognition technology
  • Several commonly used small and medium facemasks were CT scanned and digitized (AeroChamber Plus® Flow-Vu® with ComfortSeal® Mask; PARI SmartTouchTM Pediatric Vortex® Mask; OptiChamber® Diamond LiteTouch Mask, SootherMaskTM, and InspiraMaskTM)
  • Using a specially designed software engine, the study authors aligned the virtual small e-masks to the virtual small e-face and medium e-masks to the medium e-face
  • The e-DSV enclosed (mL) was computerized and precisely measured

Electronic application of CT scanned and digitized facemasks to face models (SootherMask Anterior View, SootherMask Lateral View and Non-Contoured Mask, respectively).

  • The e-DSV for both small and medium sized masks are presented in the graphs below:
SootherMask and InspiraMask have smaller dead-space volume SootherMask and InspiraMask have smaller dead-space volume

Study Conclusion: SootherMask and InspiraMask have a smaller dead-space volume than AeroChamber, OptiChamber, and Vortex®

 AEROCHAMBER PLUS and AEROCHAMBER PLUS FLOW-VU are registered to Trudell Medical International.
 OPTICHAMBER ADVANTAGE and OPTICHAMBER DIAMOND are registered to Respironics Inc.
 VORTEX is registered to PARI GmbH.

InspiraChamber Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) is intended to be used by patients who are under the care or treatment of a physician or licensed healthcare professional. The device is intended to be used by these patients to administer aerosolized medication from most pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs). The intended environments are the home, hospitals and clinics.

  • Do not leave InspiraChamber, SootherMask or InspiraMask unattended with children.
  • Storage and operating range: 5°C–40°C (41°F–104°F) at 15–95% relative humidity.
  • Inspect the device for cracks, debris, or damage that will prevent proper function after each cleaning. REPLACE IMMEDIATELY if any damages are observed. Environmental conditions, storage and proper cleaning can affect device life span.
  • This medical device is for single-patient use.
  • The intended patient population for InspiraChamber with Mouthpiece is three (3) years and older who have been prescribed pMDI medications.
  • The size of the SootherMask or InspiraMask should be determined by the size of the patient’s face.
  • If medication build-up is observed in your chamber, wash the inside of the chamber with a soft cloth according to the Instructions for Use to ensure proper performance.