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InspiraChamber® with SootherMaskTM and InspiraMaskTM

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Get the Most From Your Asthma Medicine5

In order for inhaled asthma medicines to work well, they need to reach the lungs. Attaching a spacer to your prescribed asthma inhaler (or a pediatric spacer to your child’s inhaler) helps the medicine do just that. Using a spacer is recommended for anyone who uses an asthma inhaler.

A spacer is a plastic tube that creates “space” between your mouth and the aerosolized medicine from the inhaler. This allows the medicine to move more easily into the lungs. A valved holding chamber, like InspiraChamber®, is a type of spacer with additional features designed to enhance the delivery of inhaled asthma therapies.


Patient Value—Designed to Enhance Delivery of Aerosol Therapy1-4

InspiraChamber® with SootherMaskTM and InspiraMaskTM
The only VHC with 3 options in 1 Rx

InspiraChamber® Small and Medium sizes come with 3 options in 1 Rx: the InspiraChamber® mouthpiece, a SootherMaskTM, and an InspiraMaskTM

InspiraChamber® mouthpiece with InspirAlertTM audible signal:

— Sounds at a lower, more clinically appropriate inspiratory flow rate than AeroChamber Plus® Flo-Vu®, OptiChamber® Advantage, and OptiChamber® Diamond4

SootherMaskTM with SealVisionTM visual indicator

— The only mask with a pacifier slot to hold the child’s own pacifier

InspiraMaskTM with SealVisionTM visual indicator

— Confirms seal at a very low inspiratory flow vs AeroChamber Plus® Flo-Vu® and OptiChamber® Diamond4

AEROCHAMBER PLUS and AEROCHAMBER PLUS FLOW-VU are registered to Trudell Medical International.
OPTICHAMBER ADVANTAGE and OPTICHAMBER DIAMOND are registered to Respironics Inc.

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Instructional Use Videos

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InspiraChamber® Instructions for Use


InspiraChamber® Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) is intended to be used by patients who are under the care or treatment of a physician or licensed healthcare professional. The device is intended to be used by these patients to administer aerosolized medication from most pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDIs). The intended environments are the home, hospitals and clinics.

  • Do not leave InspiraChamber®, SootherMaskTM or InspiraMaskTM unattended with children.
  • Storage and operating range: 5°C–40°C (41°F–104°F) at 15–95% relative humidity.
  • Inspect the device for cracks, debris, or damage that will prevent proper function after each cleaning. REPLACE IMMEDIATELY if any damages are observed. Environmental conditions, storage and proper cleaning can affect device life span.
  • This medical device is for single-patient use.
  • The intended patient population for InspiraChamber® with Mouthpiece is three (3) years and older who have been prescribed pMDI medications.
  • The size of the SootherMaskTM or InspiraMaskTM should be determined by the size of the patient’s face.
  • If medication build-up is observed in your chamber, wash the inside of the chamber with a soft cloth according to the Instructions for Use to ensure proper performance.